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Meet Your Planner

Hi I’m Jeri -   First off congratulations & thanks so much for taking the time to visit our website. Planning & designing is my passion and my life! Its what makes me tick - whether it’s brainstorming over a custom menu, dreaming up an elaborate table scape or playing with the smallest details, these are the things that give me a thrill and stimulate my endorphins.  I think thoughtful choices like ribbon color, favors, or icing flavor are more appreciated when an event is well planned and the little details are seamlessly executed.  The foundation of any event needs to be strategized and planned to a tee for those details to shine and create lasting memories for your & your guests.

I like to approach each wedding & event using both sides of my brain. The left side ensures that all the logistics are smooth and every issue is anticipated. The flow of the event is carefully thought out so guests are wowed without even realizing that it’s been planned down to the minute. The right side adds the creative spin on things, making the event out of the box, unique and memorable.  I strive for each part of your experience to be thought through and for all of your guests’ senses to be stimulated, completely surrounding them with the magic that is truly your event.

A Few Traits About Me

  • I am Tucson's only certified wedding planner & certified eco conscious wedding planner

  • I LOVE people  -- I am a people person!

  • I am high energy

  • I have been planning weddings, events & parties for 30-years (Yeah, I kind of LOVE my job).

  • My favorite part of  an event is right before the guests arrive.

  • My favorite part of a wedding is seeing the couple’s face as they walk back down the aisle after just getting married. That glow is amazing & well just , makes me happy! And I get to be the first one to congratulate you.

  • I am a recovering perfectionist (and it is not easy)

  • I love high heels – even though I can’t wear them (I am too tall!)

  • I love to make people laugh (and I love laughing)

  • I am passionate about creating memorable events

  • I am an “out of the box” designer -let’s plan something unique

  • I love planning destination weddings and events - let's explore a new location

  • I have an amazing cast of characters in my family that keep me on my toes, they give me a lot of love,encouragement & support  (I am grateful to each one of them)

  • Watching the Arizona sunset and drinking a glass of wine with my husband is one of my favorite ways to relax.

  • I love, love, love my two rescue dogs Princess Gracie Allen & Mr. Max, they are my “kids” and work with me in my office everyday (they are great assistants)

  • I have been married to my wonderful & talented husband, Paul for 28-years!!!

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